CCeMMP EMPIAR data processing challenge

$200 to $300 (AUD) cash prize + 1 x GPU (GTX 1080)
Closing date - 30th April 2021 AEDT

To celebrate the formal commencement of operations of the ARC Centre for Cro-electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins we are running a data processing challenge!

We have uploaded the raw data from our recently published structure of the apo-CGRP receptor (Josephs et al, Science 372, eabf7258 (2021) The challenge is to improve on the published final map resolution. The data is an example of small, flexible, detergent embedded protein.

The raw data is publicly available on EMPIAR (

The winner will be the highest resolution entry that is judged to have achieved a minimum of 0.1 Å improved resolution. The default prize will be AUD$200 plus a GTX 1080 GPU (and a first prize certificate). If the winning entry achieves a greater than 0.2 Å improvement, then the cash prize will jump to AUD$300. And, of course, there will be the bragging rights and kudos.

We managed 3.15 Å, but perhaps there are better ways to process the data than what we have managed.

The due date will be April 30th 2021 AEDT


Please email Dr Matthew Belousoff directly ( and he will provide a Google drive link for you to upload your final unfiltered half maps and the mask. Matt will then do the final map averaging and FSC calculation.


The competition is open to EVERYONE (except members of our laboratory and @RadoDanev). So get downloading and apply your favorite techniques to win!!!

The Winner (most well resolved map at the highest resolution) will be announced on Twitter @CCeMMP @bluesocks81 and here on our Website on the 3rd of May.

Best of luck everyone!