Centre Doctoral Program

Our Centre will train industry-ready, world class graduates in cryo-electron microscopy of membrane proteins. The Centre’s graduates and research results will advance tomorrow’s industrial expansion in structure-enhanced drug design.

Access and specialised training in the use of world class instruments in cryo-EM


The Centre provides advanced training in all aspects of membrane protein cryo-EM, including sample biochemistry, 3D image reconstruction, extraction of protein dynamics, and independent operation of 120kV, 200kV and 300kV instruments that are used for high-resolution structure determination.


Our Doctoral Training Program will equip successful graduates with critical skills required for transformative use of cryo-EM for membrane protein drug discovery and development


Dedicated theoretical and practical skills training in cryo-EM of membrane proteins across 3 units

Sample preparation & vitrification

Focus on protein biochemistry of membrane proteins

Cryo-EM imaging

Focus on cryo-EM imaging of membrane proteins using world-class 200 kV and 300 kV instruments.

Image analysis & 3D reconstruction

Focus on the principles of cryo-EM data processing including the use of high performance computing for 3D reconstruction and analysis of protein conformational dynamics.

Industry placement with our partners

Our graduates will gain invaluable experience, research skills and have the opportunity to network by working with one of our industry partners for a year during their studies.

Are you interested in joining the Doctoral Training Program?

Please have a look at our Program and Project Areas and submit an Expression of Interest via the Opportunities page.