Executive Committee

The Executive committee (ExC) supports the Centre Director in the establishment of the Centre, and management of the day to day operations of the Centre, including through policy development and risk management. The ExC also oversees the review, and monitoring of progress and performance, of the CCeMMP. The ExC is a decision-making body that supports the Centre Director and the Centre to achieve its vision. The ExC is comprised of the Centre Director, Centre Deputy Director, Centre Manger, and the respective Node Leaders from Monash, University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong and WEHI. The ExC reports to the Centre Director and is assisted in its operation by the Centre Manger as outlined in the organisation chart.

Patrick Sexton – Chair


Partner engagement subcommittee report

Denise Wootten

Node Leader, Monash

Graduate research subcommittee report, Monash node operational report

Jackie How

Centre Manager

Graduate research subcommittee report, Outreach & public engagement subcommittee report, seminar subcommittee report

Qinghao Ou

ECR representative, ICHDR

ICHDR report

Isabelle Rouiller

Deputy Director & Node Leader, UoM

UoM node operational report

Gökhan Tolun

Node Leader, UoW

UoW node operational report

Isabelle Lucet

Node Leader, WEHI

WEHI node operational report

Science and Industry Advisory Committee

The Science and Industry Advisory committee (SIAC) reviews and provides advice on the strategic direction and performance of the CCEMMP and supports to the Centre to achieve its purpose. The SIAC is comprised of experts that support the function of the Centre across all of its activities including engagement with and advancement of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, innovation in membrane protein cryo-EM, graduate education, and drug discovery and development. The SIAC reports to the Centre Director and Executive committee, who are supported by the Centre Manager and oversee the operations of the Centre through liaison with the four node leaders as outlined in the organisational chart.

Alastair Stewart – Chair

University of Melbourne

ARC ITTC Director, Biotech, Academia

Lisa Dube

MTP Connect

Industry and Government

Anne-Laure Puaux


Academic and Industry Engagement

Jackie How

Centre Manager


Rebekah Brown

Monash University

DVC Research

Cathy Drinkwater

Biocurate Ltd

Biotechnology Investment

Rado Danev

University of Tokyo

Academic Thought Leader, cryo-EM

Leigh Farrell

Industry Consultant, former Cetara

Drug Development

Raymond Schrijver

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Industry, cryo-EM

Governance Structure Overview