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CCeMMP Seminar Series – A/Prof. Kliment Verba – Dec 2022

Using the Power of Cryo-EM to Uncover Principles of Kinase Signalling at the Membrane

Protein kinases are tasked with one of the most fundamental cellular processes: read in extracellular signals, integrate these with internal cell states and ultimately take life or death cell decisions. On the molecular level this is accomplished through dynamic protein kinase complex rearrangement which is correlated with changes in phosphorylation, all initiated by changes in oligomerization and conformation of receptor tyrosine kinases. Holistic structural view of this intricate protein dance happening at the cell membrane is just starting to come to view with the power of cryo-EM. Kliment will talk about the recent progress on structural studies of Her2/Her3 complex focusing on the special grid substrates and sample optimization which were essential for obtaining high quality structure.

A/Prof. Kliment Verba

Assistant Professor Kliment Verba

Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

University of California, San Francisco