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Associate Prof. Isabelle Lucet

Isabelle obtained her PhD at the University of Angers (France) in Biochemistry & Biophysics. During her postdoctoral studies (Oxford, UK) she developed her interest in kinase signal transduction pathways. She has made seminal contributions in the field of protein kinase research and transferred this knowledge into therapies in the cancer and immunology areas.  Currently she heads the ACRF Chemical Biology division at WEHI.

Research Interest

Our lab seeks to understand how the protein kinase family organises complex intracellular communication networks. With a multidisciplinary approach (biochemistry, biology, structural biology, high-throughput screening, proteomics, imaging and chemical biology), we are unravelling new kinase-controlled signaling pathways and identifying mechanisms that lead to “out of control” signaling, a common cause of cancers and inflammatory disorders.